About Us

We are a team of MIT engineers building the future of agricultural advisory systems. Leveraging the breakthrough in the Large Language Model, and working in collaboration with prominent agricultural research universities in the US, we are centralizing the body of knowledge generated and maintained by the universities, making them conversationally available to farmers, and most importantly we are timing the resources precisely when farmers need them.

We are starting out by making pest and disease management streamlined for farmers in our university partners' states. Every year around the world about 300 Billion dollars worth of crops is lost to pests and diseases while farmers spend nearly 80 Billion dollars on pesticides. Both of these numbers are expected to significantly increase due to Climate Change. We are building and organizing weather-based pest and disease forecasting models, image-based pest and disease identification models, and research-based products and practice recommendations for optimal pest and disease management. Moreover, we are enabling peer-to-peer information sharing among farmers for faster diagnosis of problems and better products and practice recommendation among themselves.

Food production systems around the world have begun to feel the wrath of Climate Change. Farmers need personalized guidance to help them recalibrate their practices. Governments around the world are looking for scalable solutions like Agrichat. With no established player in the space, we are well positioned to be the dominant player due to our partnership with prominent research universities, and the network effect they bring to us.